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That Man Called Tartuffe!  The Arts House 2012



World-in-Theatre is a theatre company founded in August 2002 by nine theatre practitioners. 


Inspired by the experience of working with the late Singapore theatre pioneer William Teo and his Asia-in-Theatre Research Centre, a group of his key performers set up World-in-Theatre to continue the vision and philosophy that Teo had developed. 


World-in-Theatre aims to bring to the Singapore stage plays of universal significance.  We draw inspiration from various performance traditions of the world and see 'theatre' as a total performance art which is not about just the spoken word, but may also embrace dance, music and text.  The company explores the use of both conventional theatre and non-conventional spaces, giving due consideration to their viscerally immersive potential for the production and its audiences. We aim to build a community of artists and theatre followers that will constantly dialogue with our works through our engagement strategies. Among World-in-Theatre's past productions are Macbeth, Elektra, Ramayana, The Royal Hunt of the Sun and The Gospel According to Mark. ​

"... in World-in-Theatre's work, there is a great love of the theatrical experience and its ability to move people... there is a strong sense of the ensemble in the group's playing which only working together over time and with a common purpose can achieve. "   Audrey Wong, formerly Artistic Co-Director, The Substation.

"...Watching them on stage is mesmerizing because they approach their performances with an almost spiritual devotion. They draw on ancient forces and perform almost as if taken over by them. Their bodies become the vessels through which these forces flow, allowing the actors to be stripped bare of vanity and pose but still able to bring to life epic texts like ‘Ramayana' and 'The Royal Hunt of the Sun' (the story of how 167 men destroyed the Inca empire of 24 million for its gold) through the sheer force of their performance."

Kenneth Kwok, The Flying Inkpot

"World-in-Theatre's work is rooted in a strong desire to re-connect myths to modernity, and to find a universality in different human experiences."

Sim Pern Yau, actor.



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